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  2003 Men's Cross-Country
Composite Schedule and Results

Men's Cross-Country
St. Lawrence
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 Saturday, August 30
10:00 am Rensselaer at Lake Placid
Alumni Meet at Lake Placid
 Saturday, September 6
11:00 am Clarkson 5th of 7 at Plattsburgh
St. Lawrence 2nd of 7
1:00 pm Hobart 10th of 11 at Buffalo State    Recap
Dan Walker Invitational
 Saturday, September 13
12:00 pm Hamilton 1st of 2 at Union 2nd of 2
Results   Recap
1:00 pm Hobart 10th of 11 at Oswego
St. Lawrence 2nd of 11    Recap
Pat Peterson Invitational
1:00 pm Rensselaer 2nd of 3 at MIT
Engineers Cup Meet
1:00 pm Vassar Invitational at Vassar 1st of 6 Results
 Saturday, September 20
10:00 am Vassar 15th of 32 at New York University
NYU Invitational
11:00 am Hamilton 8th of 11 at Williams
Rensselaer 7th of 11
Union 10th of 11
Williams Invitational
11:45 am Hobart Invitational at Hobart 5th of 7 Results
12:00 pm Clarkson 3rd of 3 at St. Lawrence 1st of 3
Results   Recap
Hoffmann Invitational
 Saturday, September 27
12:00 pm Hobart 2nd of 5 at Fredonia Results
Fredonia State Invitational
12:00 pm St. Lawrence at Iona
Iona Invitatioanl
 Saturday, October 4
1:00 pm Hamilton 3rd of 6 at Hobart 6th of 6
Rensselaer 2nd of 6
St. Lawrence 1st of 6
Union 5th of 6
Vassar 4th of 6
UCAA Championships
 Saturday, October 11
11:00 am Hamilton Invitational at Hamilton 6th of 15 Results
12:00 pm Vassar 7th of 17 at Westfield State Results
James Earley Invitational
12:00 pm Clarkson 3rd of 3 at St. Lawrence 2nd of 3
Results   Recap
SLU Quadrangular
 Saturday, October 18
10:00 am Clarkson 13th of 25 at Albany
Hamilton 17th of 25
St. Lawrence 9th of 25    Recap
Albany Invitational
11:00 am Rensselaer 5th of 6 at Williams Results
Plansky Invitational
12:00 pm Hobart 10th of 10 at Roberts Wesleyan
Roberts Wesleyan Invitational
12:00 pm Vassar 16th of 25 at Albany Results
Albany Invitational
 Saturday, October 25
11:00 am Union 9th of 9 at Rensselaer 4th of 9
Saratoga Invitational
1:00 pm Hobart 8th of 9 at Rensselaer 4th of 9
St. Lawrence 1st of 9
Union 9th of 9
Vassar 7th of 9
Saratoga Invitational
 Saturday, November 1
11:45 am Clarkson 1st of 5 at Hobart 2nd of 5
Results   Recap
Heron Invitational
12:00 pm Hamilton 11th of 11 at Middlebury Results   Recap
NESCAC Championships
 Saturday, November 8
11:00 am Hamilton 10th of 15 at Rensselaer 8th of 15
Union 14th of 15
New York State Championship Meet
11:00 am Hobart 24th of 33 at Tufts
Vassar 11th of 33 Results
ECAC Championships
 Saturday, November 15
12:00 pm Clarkson 19th of 30 at Geneseo
Hamilton 17th of 30
Hobart 29th of 30
Rensselaer 14th of 30
St. Lawrence 4th of 30
Union 28th of 30
Vassar 13th of 30 Results
NCAA Regional Championships

Clarkson - Hamilton - Hobart - Rensselaer - Rochester - St. Lawrence - Skidmore - Union - Vassar - William Smith

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