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2010 Football - Performers of the Week

Liberty League Offensive Performer of the Week
September 6  Derrick Ventre, Merchant Marine
September 13  Steven Webb, Hobart
September 20  Steven Webb, Hobart
September 20  Pat McAuley , WPI
September 27  Steven Webb, Hobart
September 27  Ethan Sutton, St. Lawrence
October 4  Mike Hermann, Rensselaer
October 4  Alcee Walker, St. Lawrence
October 4  Chris Coney, Union
October 11  Nick Strang, Hobart
October 18  Mike Hermann, Rensselaer
October 18  John-Leon Gosselin, Merchant Marine
October 25  Garth Muratori, Hobart
October 25  Marcus Washington, St. Lawrence
November 1  Pat McCarthy, Rensselaer
November 8  Mike Hermann, Rensselaer
November 8  Chris Coney, Union
November 8  John-Leon Gosselin, Merchant Marine
November 15  Marcus Washington, St. Lawrence
November 15  John-Leon Gosselin, Merchant Marine
November 22  Ray Davis, Rensselaer

Liberty League Defensive Performer of the Week
September 6  Brendan Gove, WPI
September 13  Devin Worthington, Hobart
September 13  Kevin Stapf, Merchant Marine
September 20  James Rayhill, Hobart
September 27  Ryan Fedo, St. Lawrence
September 27  Graham Leto, WPI
October 4  Jeff McCormick, Rensselaer
October 4  Ben Cryts, St. Lawrence
October 11  Devin Worthington, Hobart
October 11  Michael Hagan, Merchant Marine
October 18  Jeff McCormick, Rensselaer
October 18  Brendan McCarthy, St. Lawrence
October 25  Reggie Robinson, Hobart
October 25  Cainaan Webb, Rochester
November 1  Reggie Robinson, Hobart
November 1  Kobie Hamm, Rochester
November 8  Ray Pasco, Rensselaer
November 8  Peter Gill, WPI
November 15  Devin Worthington, Hobart
November 15  Cainaan Webb, Rochester
November 22  Colin King, Rensselaer
November 22  Trevor Saunders, St. Lawrence

Liberty League Special Teams Performer of the Week
September 6  Richard Grennen, Merchant Marine
September 13  Yosh Karbowniczak, Hobart
September 13  Peter Nilson, Rensselaer
September 20  Alex Coviello, Merchant Marine
September 27  Blaise Ancona, Union
October 18  Peter Nilson, Rensselaer
October 25  Conor Callahan, Hobart
October 25  Ernie Mello, WPI
November 1  Conor Callahan, Hobart
November 1  Willie Roberson, Rochester
November 8  Peter Nilson, Rensselaer
November 8  Zachary White-Stellato, Rochester
November 15  Peter Nilson, Rensselaer
November 15  Zachary White-Stellato, Rochester
November 22  Matt Wood, Rensselaer

Liberty League Rookie of the Week
September 6  Victor Coker Jr., St. Lawrence
September 13  Chaise Dunn, Merchant Marine
September 20  Devin Worthington, Hobart
September 27  Tony Ortega, Rochester
October 4  Steven Webb, Hobart
October 11  Steven Webb, Hobart
October 18  Brayden Henry, St. Lawrence
October 18  Tyler Washington, Merchant Marine
October 25  Devin Worthington, Hobart
October 25  Victor Coker Jr., St. Lawrence
November 1  Devin Worthington, Hobart
November 1  Tony Ortega, Rochester
November 8  Devin Worthington, Hobart
November 8  Tony Ortega, Rochester
November 15  Steven Webb, Hobart
November 15  Tony Ortega, Rochester
November 22  Theodore Abriel, Rensselaer

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