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2010-11 Women's Basketball - Performers of the Week

Liberty League Forward of the Week
November 22  Madie Harlem, Hamilton
November 22  Sarah Wetmore, Rensselaer
November 29  Carey Turner, Clarkson
November 29  Madie Harlem, Hamilton
December 6  Eliza Howe, Hamilton
December 6  Linda Larsen, Rensselaer
December 13  Sarah Wetmore, Rensselaer
December 13  Casey Capello, St. Lawrence
December 20  Chrissy Scanlon, Clarkson
December 20  Kristen Kush, William Smith
January 3  Sarah Wetmore, Rensselaer
January 3  Kristen Kush, William Smith
January 10  Kelly Legg, St. Lawrence
January 10  Kristen Kush, William Smith
January 17  Lauren McCormick, Union
January 17  Sarah Wetmore, Rensselaer
January 24  Brittany Parks, Vassar
January 24  Kristen Kush, William Smith
January 31  Brittany Parks, Vassar
January 31  Kristen Kush, William Smith
February 7  Erica Spera, St. Lawrence
February 7  Megan Gaugler, Skidmore
February 14  Brittany Parks, Vassar
February 14  Kristen Kush, William Smith
February 21  Brittany Parks, Vassar
February 21  Mollie Danahy, William Smith
February 28  Brittany Parks, Vassar
February 28  Mollie Danahy, William Smith
March 7  Brittany Parks, Vassar

Liberty League Guard of the Week
November 22  Brittany Parks, Vassar
November 22  Kristen Kush, William Smith
November 29  Chrissy Scanlon, Clarkson
November 29  Blue Sanders, Hamilton
December 6  Casey Capello, St. Lawrence
December 6  Leah Pepe, Union
December 13  Hillary McKinley, Rensselaer
December 13  Brittany Parks, Vassar
December 20  Carey Turner, Clarkson
December 20  Mollie Danahy, William Smith
January 3  Hillary McKinley, Rensselaer
January 3  Mollie Danahy, William Smith
January 10  Lauren Pluchino, Clarkson
January 10  Brittany Parks, Vassar
January 17  Katie Edgerton, St. Lawrence
January 17  Kristen Kush, William Smith
January 24  Eliza Howe, Hamilton
January 24  Katie Edgerton, St. Lawrence
January 31  Sarah Wetmore, Rensselaer
January 31  Cydni Matsuoka, Vassar
February 7  Lauren McCormick, Union
February 14  Chrissy Scanlon, Clarkson
February 14  Megan Gaugler, Skidmore
February 21  Cydni Matsuoka, Vassar
February 21  Kristen Kush, William Smith
February 28  Lauren McCormick, Union
February 28  Cydni Matsuoka, Vassar

Liberty League of the Week
November 29  Lauren McCormick, Union
November 29  Brittany Parks, Vassar
December 6  Kristen Kush, William Smith
December 13  Kristen Kush, William Smith
December 20  Lauren McCormick, Union
January 3  Sydni Salvatore, William Smith
January 10  Lauren McCormick, Union
January 17  Brittany Parks, Vassar
January 17  Megan Gaugler, Skidmore
January 24  Logan Frederick, Skidmore
January 24  Lauren McCormick, Union
January 31  Christina Gargiso, Skidmore
January 31  Lauren McCormick, Union
February 7  Sarah Wetmore, Rensselaer
February 7  Kristen Kush, William Smith
February 14  Sarah Wetmore, Rensselaer
February 14  Katie Edgerton, St. Lawrence
February 21  Kelly Legg, St. Lawrence
February 21  Lauren McCormick, Union
February 28  Casey Capello, St. Lawrence

Liberty League Rookie of the Week
November 22  Kelly Legg, St. Lawrence
November 22  Cydni Matsuoka, Vassar
November 29  Dani Feigin, Hamilton
November 29  Hannah Senftleber, Vassar
December 6  Kelly Legg, St. Lawrence
December 6  Cydni Matsuoka, Vassar
December 13  Kelly Legg, St. Lawrence
December 13  Michela Ottati, Skidmore
December 20  Brittney Kenney, Union
December 20  Jacqueline Murphy, William Smith
January 3  Jacqueline Murphy, William Smith
January 10  Hannah Senftleber, Vassar
January 10  Sasha Borenstein, William Smith
January 17  Michela Ottati, Skidmore
January 17  Cydni Matsuoka, Vassar
January 24  Kelly Legg, St. Lawrence
January 24  Cydni Matsuoka, Vassar
January 31  Jacqueline Murphy, William Smith
February 7  Kelly Legg, St. Lawrence
February 14  Cydni Matsuoka, Vassar
February 21  Sasha Borenstein, William Smith
February 28  Hannah Senftleber, Vassar
March 7  Hannah Senftleber, Vassar

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